[ASMR] Holistic Health – Lovely Lymphatic Treatment

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World of Antony ASMR says:

Dear Yvette thank you so much for subscribing to my small ASMR channel. That means a lot to me, cuz you are my favorite ASMR artist. You are very talented and beautiful and I wish you all the best! 💕😀❤❤❤

Nerdbama Rich says:

This is beyond relaxing.. I love when you do videos like this they are so real and in depth..

Nat is reading. says:

This is so comforting for sinus lol even though it's just sounds. Actually does relaxes it.

johnnyappleseed68 says:

Great video and happy birthday

Jean Nenthe says:

Do you have any body scan guided relaxation videos you can link, please?

Jacob Mohler says:

You end coming to the rescue at the perfect moments. I found out an hour ago that my friend passed away. It’s been hitting me very hard. This video has really helped me calm down. You don’t understand how much these help. Thank you so much Yvette.

Starspeed ASMR says:

As always, your videos are such a treat Yvette!💕 I feel so looked after and cared for. Thank you for this series💗

Violet Valentina says:

These are my favorite ASMR videos of all time.

LexiconDevilOne says:

Relaxing video. Was Athena Jezick your inspiration for it? She was my ASMR gateway.

Tammy Shapardon says:

❤Perfect as always❤

Alyssa Matheny says:

You deserve so many more likes, your content is fantastic ❤

Sara Sara says:

Amazing series 🙂

b n says:

You really take the edge off of life

Kristinite 01 says:


T Jones says:

Another video? I feel spoiled and loving every minute of it!

fawn at dawn says:

Seems like the link to your friends channel mentioned in the description is broken/channel removed!

beatriz says:

oh jesus, guess who’s gonna sleep like a baby? yes, me. thanks yvette, this is so lovely ♥️

prettyincamo _ says:

This is why you are my favorite, thank you for all the effort and time you put into your videos! Saving this so I can watch before bed tonight 🙂

Ann3Fr0nk says:

lol I pressed from the homepage thinking I was about to watch part 2 again. Got a nice surprise

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