New! Passion Fit Holistic Wellness – Mindfulness at the End of a Workout

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Check out this informative and exciting new video series consisting of holistic wellness content around fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and work-life balance to help you be at your best both personally and professionally. Feel free to subscribe to my Passion Fit YouTube channel for more videos as well!

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* My Passion Fit Website: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Google+: name is Reena Vokoun and I am an entrepreneur and the founder of Passion Fit, a health, wellness and fitness lifestyle company! My content and services include online workout videos, local fitness, dance and bootcamp classes, online courses, a blog, newsletters, social media content, media appearances, speaking engagements and wellness workshops for individuals, companies, non-profits, schools and universities on fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and healthy lifestyles.

My mission through Passion Fit is to help people flourish from the inside out by focusing on their health, wellness and fitness. My vision is to create a local and online wellness community where people can have fun, make friends, feel supported and be encouraged to achieve their dreams and goals. My motto is: “Pursue your passions, be fit and the rest will follow…”


If you choose to use these fitness, nutrition, mindfulness and work-life balance videos, you are responsible for seeking clearance from your doctor as needed. Please exercise at your own pace and within your own limits and keep any dietary or other health restrictions in mind. Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun will not be responsible for any injuries or other issues related to participating in or watching these videos. Please note that not all health advice and exercises are suitable for everyone, so please take precaution by stopping and calling your doctor immediately if at any point you feel dizzy, faint or have physical or any other type of discomfort.

Videos Courtesy of Spiral Moon Media, Inc.

Location Courtesy of Passion Fit, LLC and Reena Vokoun

Hair and Make-Up Courtesy of Mai Artistry

Music Courtesy of YouTube Free Music Audio Library:

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